Association of Chartered Certified Accountants (ACCA)

The Association of Chartered Certified Accountants (ACCA) is the largest and fastest-growing global professional accountancy body in the world, with 147,000 members and 424,000 students in over 170 countries. 


ACCA has an extensive network of 83 offices and active centres around the world. Its reputation is grounded in over 100 years of providing world-class accounting and finance qualifications.


Founded in 1904, it is the largest to operate on an international basis, awarding its own qualification after successful completion of the ACCA examinations and three years of practical experience.


Globaltraining runs ACCA courses in Cyprus, Greece, Romania and Online, setting the standards in professional education and training excellence.


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Course Objectives

The ACCA professional accounting qualification is a highly relevant, targeted combination of study and practical experience. The syllabus is a result of extensive research and consultation with governments, students, colleges and employers from a range of public and private sector organizations.


The ACCA qualification is a passport to a new world of opportunity. Once you become a member, the learning process continues throughout your career. ACCA is not only about accounting; you will also develop a range of skills and knowledge in finance, tax, audit, management, law, professional values, ethics and governance.


The financial and technical experience you will develop enroute to the ACCA qualification ensures that you can work anywhere; the accounting/ auditing profession, the government, a semi-governmental organisation, the banking sector and any type of local or international business.


What is a Chartered Certified Accountant? A Chief Executive, a Senior Partner, a Finance Director, a Bank Executive, a Top Civil Servant, an Entrepreneur? Once qualified, there are no limits.

Entry Requirements

A number of entry routes are available which take into account different qualifications and recognise your previous achievements.

The minimum entry requirements depend on the country where you have previously studied. Below you can find information if you have previously completed your studies in Cyprus, Greece, or Romania.

For entry to ACCA’s Professional Qualification, you must meet at least one of the criteria shown below:


  • Individuals who have obtained a Lyceum Apolyterion with an average mark of 17/20 (85%).
  • Individuals who have obtained Lyceum Apolyterion with an average mark of 16/20 (80%) plus LCCI third level Accounting.
  • Individuals who have obtained university matriculation (2 A levels and 3 GCSEs in five separate subjects including English and Mathematics. The GCSEs must be achieved with grade C or above).
  • Individuals who have completed the FIA - Diploma in Accounting and Business.
  • Individuals who have completed an academic degree or diploma


  • Individuals who have obtained Lyceum Apolyterion with an average of 17/20 (85%) and above in 5 separate subjects including Mathematics and English.
  • Completed academic degree or University Registration Certificate

ACCA and the Institute of Certified Public Accountants of Greece (SOEL) have signed an agreement to offer a joint examinations scheme for trainee auditors and accountants in Greece under the auspice of the Greek Financial Regulator (ELTE).

The agreement stipulates that candidates will register with both ACCA and SOEL and they will have the opportunity to become members of both professional bodies once qualified.



  • Diploma de Bacalaureat (Secondary Vocational Diploma from upper secondary school)
  • Diploma/ Certificat de Absolvire a Scolii Postliceale (Diploma/ Certificate of Completion from Postsecondary Schools)