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Profile of the Programme:

Investment Firms located in Cyprus and abroad that provide investment and other ancillary services within Cyprus are expected to employ individuals who hold appropriate qualifications. This expectation has created a need for all such individuals to become holders of Professional Competence Certificates that reflect their ability to carry out such activities.

Cyprus Investment Firms (CIF) Certification Exams

The exams are being conducted electronically in Nicosia, every Tuesday on a weekly basis and the frequency of the exam dates will depend upon the number of persons interested in taking exams.

The object of these CIF certification exams is to ensure candidates can apply a level of knowledge and understanding appropriate for individuals engaged in the reception, transmission and execution of client orders within the scope of the services delivered by Investment Firms, and in the marketing of Collective Investment Schemes.

Course Structure:

The Cyprus Investment Firm (CIF) program offered by Globaltraining aims to equip participants with:
  • An understanding of the Cypriot and European legal and regulatory framework and practice
  • Equip participants with the necessary knowledge in the areas of Money Laundering, Risk Management and Economics
The Certificates offered by the Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission (CySEC) consist of:
  • Basic Financial Services Legal Framework Examination
  • Advanced Financial Services Legal Framework Examination

Syllabus as issued by CySEC:

Mode of Study:

As the syllabus of the Certificates overlaps, we offer courses which aim to equip participants with all the necessary knowledge to pass both.  In addition, our tutors emphasise and guide participants during the course as to which areas are or are not examinable for each of the Certificates being attempted.
We offer a range of Classroom based tuition (Nicosia and Limassol, Cyprus) and  Online courses.  In-house courses (in Cyprus or abroad) can be designed to suit your needs should any of our standard products not meet your requirements.

There are no requirements, all persons are eligible to obtain the certificates.

Registration Procedure:

In order to register for the CySEC exams, you must complete the online application form.
The form allows candidates to choose the examination and two possible dates on which they wish to take the examination.

Exam Dates:

The CySEC examinations take place online on a weekly basis (every Tuesday & Thursday).  Examinations are offered at each session at the same time, in both English and Greek. No examinations will be held on Public Holidays. The frequency of the examinations may be amended based on demand.

Exam Results
Upon completion of the examination, candidates will be notified immediately whether they have passed and the detailed results of the examination will be sent by email at a later stage.
On receiving this email, successful candidates may register with the Public Register, upon sending a relevant registration application with their contact details to: [email protected]. Applications for registration with the Public Register will be available on the Commission’s website.

Exam Fees:

In order to take the examinations, interested individuals are required to pay:
  • €200 to take the Basic Examination
  • €300 to take the Advanced Examination