Globaltraining has been selected by the ICA to be the Exclusive Approved Learning Provider in Cyprus for all ICA qualifications.

The International Compliance Association (ICA) is a professional membership and awarding body. The ICA is the leading global provider of professional, certificated qualifications in anti-money laundering; governance, risk and compliance and financial crime prevention.

ICA qualifications help compliance professionals develop relevant knowledge and best practice for operating within the fields of governance, risk and compliance, financial crime prevention and anti-money laundering (AML). Awarded in conjunction with the Alliance Manchester Business School, The University of Manchester, you can be assured that you are studying for a worthwhile qualification that is the benchmark of excellence.

  • Study in face-to-face workshops around the globe (where workshops aren’t available, you can study via online learning ) with our learner-centric approach.
    Training is undertaken with ICA’s training provider International Compliance Training.

  • Increase confidence and competence within your role.

  • Gain the relevant skills and knowledge to ensure that you are supporting your firm and progressing your career.

Choose from the below International Diplomas or Certificates, and enrol with International Compliance Training to attend our classroom courses in Cyprus at Globaltraining, within the University of Nicosia

Submit the completed registration form at [email protected] and contact us at 22 841540 for any clarifications you may need.


ICA International Diploma in Anti-Money Laundering

The challenge of managing transnational and international AML risks is one that demands an internationally ‘joined up’ approach and a common understanding of emerging trends. This course helps you develop best practice initiatives and prepares you to face present and future challenges, reducing risk.

ICA International Diploma in Governance, Risk and Compliance

The challenges compliance professionals face mean it is vital to have the right knowledge and skills. This course will teach you all you need to know to approach your role with confidence, including understanding governance, risk and compliance; Ethics, Integrity and organisational culture and taking regulatory compliance to the next level.


ICA International Advanced Certificate in Anti-Money Laundering

Qualified anti-money laundering (aml) professionals are in demand as organisations increase their focus on risk prevention. The ICA International Advanced Certificate in Anti Money Laundering provides all of the knowledge you will require to begin a career in anti-money laundering.

ICA International Advanced Certificate in Regulatory Compliance

The changing regulatory environment has resulted in a growing need for compliance professionals. The ICA International Advanced Certificate in Regulatory Compliance is suitable for those new to compliance or in a junior role and will help you develop a good understanding of compliance fundamentals.


Workshops are highly interactive working sessions designed to ensure maximum learning effectiveness. All workshops are conducted by a leading industry expert with extensive experience of the financial services sector. All delegates are strongly advised to attend all workshops prior to sitting the examination to gain maximum benefit of the program.

Advertised workshop dates are allocated subject to availability and may be subject to change. Workshop groups are limited to 25 students (18 for CDD courses) to maximize the study experience.

Course materials can be accessed via your online learning platform for twelve months from the course commencement date highlighted below. We would recommend enrolling at least two weeks before the first workshop to give you sufficient time to familiarise yourself with the course materials and undertake any workshop preparation.

Any of the ICA professional qualifications/certificates as listed here can also be taught in-house for your organization with the global leading industry expert tutors from the International Compliance Training. Please contact us at 22841540 and at [email protected] to set up a meeting to discuss the parameters of such course(s) based on your needs (level, content, dates, participants’ profile).

The course content can be accessed from 7th January 2019

Workshop One 13th February 2019
Workshop Two 12th March 2019
Workshop Three 4th June 2019
Workshop Four  3rd September 2019
Assessment One 8th April 2019
Assessment Two 8th July 2019
Assessment Three 7th October 2019

The course content can be accessed from 4th March 2019

Workshop One 10th April  2019
Workshop Two 21st May 2019
Workshop Three 23rd July 2019
Workshop Four 15th October 2019
Assessment Dates
Assessment One 10th June 2019
Assessment Two 2nd Sept 2019
Assessment Three 18th November 2019

The course content can be accessed from 25th March 2019

Workshop One 8th May 2019
Workshop Two 30th July 2019
Assessment One 17th June 2019
Assessment Two 23rd September 2019
Assessment Three 7th October 2019

The course content can be accessed from 25th March 2019

Workshop One 14th May 2019
Workshop Two 3rd September 2019
Assessment Dates
Assessment One 17th June 2019
Assessment Two 23rd Sept 2019