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Chris Mathas

Chris Mathas

Lecturer - P3


Chris is a Graduate of the Maastricht School of Business and has specialized in strategic and HR management. She is a Chartered Member of the Chartered Institute of Personnel Development and a certified coach and facilitator. Apart from her strong focus on business and HR, Chris is has a depth of understanding of the fields of social and emotional intelligence and communication.


Chris has worked in the EMEA region for over 18 years now in senior management and or consulting roles and as such has a wealth of experience in the area of business analysis. Companies that she has worked with include University of Nicosia, Nokia, Oman NLG, Marfin Bank too mention but a few. She is currently the Managing Partner of Let’s Talk! Human Potential Ltd, a company that specialized in HR optimization and which she founded in 2010.


She has a long history with Global Training and is a seasoned lecturer of externally examined courses. She has taught strategy and HR related courses for the ifs (Institute of Financial Services), achieving among the highest pass rates in the world. She is a skilled facilitator and well known in her field for making learning effective and fun!