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Haig Der Nishanian

Haig Der Nishanian


Mr. Haig Der Nishanian is a freelance consultant/lecturer. He is a UK qualified Certified Accountant (FCCA).

Mr. Der Nishanian worked in the UK where he qualified as a Certified Accountant and later for PWC Cyprus as Senior Manager and KPMG Armenia and Romania as Director of Audit. More recently, Mr. Der Nishanian set up the offices of Renaissance in Cyprus (2004 and from 2007 to Dec 2015 was the General Manager of SIB (Cyprus) Limited part of Sberbank of Russia. Since August 2015 Mr. Der Nishanian is CEO, both of a CySEC regulated Alternative Investment Fund Manager and of an Alternative Investment Fund, specialising in Private Equity investments.

The combination of his auditing experience together with the practical work experience for over 10 years in the Financial Services Sector means Mr. Der Nishanian’s approach to the lectures is to combine the legal framework with the practical application of the law.