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Ugo Bechis

Ugo Bechis

Ugo Bechis is an independent e-Payments & SEPA Adviser to financial Institutions and to digital startups and projects in the financial industry. He has a forty years banking experience in the areas of distribution, securities trading and payments services as Head of Multichannel Distribution, Home Banking, Trading On-line, Corporate and Retail Payments, Cards, Consumer Credit, Bank Assurance, Corporate and Trade Finance; he started as an Auditor in general Audit and Acquisitions assessment. He held management positions in commercial, organizational and strategy roles in international and Italian banks. He held Board of Directors duties as Chairman of the Board of the European Alliance of Payment Schemes (EAPS), as Chairman of ABI Clearing & Settlement Committee and as a Board Member of IWBank S.p.a., SIA S.p.A, Cartasi S.p.A, Key Client Cards and Solutions S.p.A, Consorzio Bancomat (Debit Card Scheme).

During 15 years in European Payment Bodies (EPC, other) charing regulatory and payments committees he matured a knowledge of payment and banking international & national practices across Europe and elsewhere, as well as a knowledge of institutional, policy, antitrust matters, dealing with the European Commission, the European Central Bank and other Regulatory Institutions.

Ugo holds a Doctorate in Economics, Monetary Policy and European Union Affairs from Turin University, and an MBA in Finance and Organisational Behaviour from UCLA Graduate School of Management (University of California Los Angeles).


ID Event Name Start Date
PSD2: A Change of Model – Introductory Level May 23, 2019