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About The ACCA

Certified Accountant
3-4 years, on average
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31A Economu Cezarescu Street, Sector 6, 060754, Bucharest - Romania   View map



In Bucharest, we satisfy student needs through a combination of tuition studied online, and a block release revision phase studied in the classrooms of our Bucharest centre**. You will receive:

  • Interactive Online Tuition Lectures
  • 24/7 Access to Recorded Lectures
  • Electronic Study Materials
  • Practice Questions
  • 3-day Classroom-based Revision Courses**
  • 1 Progress Test (During Tuition)
  • 1 Mock Exam (During Revision)

Alternatively, you can study for your exams full online – see below.

*Courses for AB, MA and FA run all year long and are delivered fully online. Exams for these papers may be sat computer-based at any time or paper-based during the June and December ACCA exam sessions.

There is no ATX local variant exam and, as such, we do not organise courses for this paper.

Courses for TX Romanian variant are only organised for June and December ACCA exams, as this paper is only examined during June and December ACCA exam sessions. Courses for TX UK variant are organised for all four paper-based ACCA exam sessions.

**Block release classroom-based revision courses are organised where a minimum number of students register for the same paper within the same session.

Online Tuition and Practice Courses

Our online tuition phase consists of fifteen 2-hour recorded lectures available on-demand so you can start studying immediately.  The online practice phase consists of five 1-hour exam practice lectures, equivalent to approximately 15 hours of revision and question practice.

You will be able to listen to the lecturer and see the interactive whiteboard as if you were in the classroom.  Furthermore, students will be able to interact with the lecturer, asking questions through the Online Learning Hub by email.  Live Online webinars are one-to-one meetings and delivered to students on a need-by-need basis.

Students enrolling for these courses will receive an instruction video detailing everything that is required to login and start.

Access to the online course is granted for the duration of the course until the exam date.

Classroom Revision Courses

Provided that you opt-in for the classroom based revision course after the online tuition phase, an intensive 3-day block release revision course will be held in our classrooms in Bucharest city centre,  This revision course will run in the weeks before your exam and will focus on exam practice.

The classroom-based revision courses are organised if a sufficient number of students are registered for the same paper within the same session.

Exam Details

Venue: 31A Economu Cezarescu Street


BT, MA, FA: €120/exam
LW: € 145
FA1, MA1: €80
FA2, MA2: €80
FBT, FMA and FFA: €120/exam


To register for your CBE exam, please complete this form, make the payment and email the form and payment slip to us.