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AML for Accounting and Audit Firms

Date(s) and Time(s)
10 November 2017 - 09:00 AM
4 hours
+357 77 77 80 30
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Globaltraining/ University of NIcosia


Thanos Christou
Lecturer - LW

This seminar addresses the Directive issued by ICPAC regarding the existing Anti Money Laundering Legislation and it is designed for professionals working in audit and accounting firms.


It provides specific guidance on the contents of the Anti-Money Laundering Manual that each audit firm is required to maintain, in order to comply with the requirements of ICPAC. It further examines into detail the KYC and the CDD procedures that must be followed, the duties and responsibilities of the compliance officer and the reporting requirements. It then goes on to examine in greater detail, using examples, what constitutes suspicious transaction/ client and what employees need to look out for.

Participants’ Profile:

Professionals working in audit and accounting firms, internal auditors, tax advisors, providers of trust and company administration services. The seminar also applies to all members of the Institute of Certified Public Accountants of Cyprus (ICPAC) employed in other sectors of the market than the ones mentioned above, that may be of use to a money launderer or terrorist financier.


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