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Audit Planning

3 hours
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To provide the necessary insight at the most important stage of the audit, the most critical element of its most critical phase. To practically enhance participant’s knowledge on performing a risk analysis and assessment, identifying the audit work to be performed for each area, calculating the materiality level and communicating the work to be done with those charged with governance.


This seminar is to guide participants through the necessary procedures required to conduct a proper risk identification, analysis and assessment, enable them to plan the relevant audit procedures that are considered necessary in performing the audit work. This practical seminar/ workshop will emphasize on the application of the International Standards of Auditing linking these to the actual forms commonly used in audit methodologies.

Participants Profile:

Accountants and auditors employed in accountancy and audit firms who are involved in the preparation and review of audit engagements of various size and complexity.


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Section 1 – An insight to detailed audit planning (1 hour & 20 minutes)

  • General preliminary audit planning procedures
  • Preparation of the Audit Planning Letter, the Engagement Letter, formulating the audit strategy

Section 2 – Risk Assessment (1 hour & 45 minutes)

  • Performing a detail risk assessment by identifying and document the risks and the procedures to minimize it. Calculating materiality, tolerable errors and performance materiality.
  • Identifying and documenting related parties, going concern issues, performing analytical procedures.