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Blockchain and Cryptocurrencies: Business Trends & Regulatory Developments

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08 December 2021 - 09:00 AM
10 December 2021
5 hours
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This seminar presents and explains the growing attention and value of Blockchain technology across various sectors of the economy, including the incremental use of cryptocurrencies for transactional, as well as investment purposes. The seminar studies several actual practical cases to understand this new technology and its potentials, while it further explores some existing and coming business trends, especially in relation to tokenization. In addition, the seminar examines the current and under-development regulatory framework on digital assets, addressing the key legislations and regulations which affect or be affected by the disruptive nature of crypto-transactions.


Upon completion of this seminar, participants will be able to:

  • Understand the main features and functionalities of Blockchain technology and of crypto-assets;
  • Appreciate the risks, as well as the benefits and potential importance of crypto-assets to the wider economy;
  • Understand the value and the impact of the use of crypto-assets as a means of crowdfunding investments;
  • Comprehend the difference between cryptocurrencies and tokens;
  • Learn about the current regulatory framework(s) governing the use of crypto-assets;
  • Understand the various aspects and potential of “asset tokenization”.
Participants’ Profile:

Service Providers (e.g. lawyers, accountants, auditors, tax planners and business consultants) wishing to be informed about the use of Blockchain technology across various market sectors, as well as the existing and under-development regulatory framework(s) and challenges associated with the use and trade of crypto and tokens.