Bitcoin and Blockchain: Legal Issues and Regulation | Globaltraining

Bitcoin and Blockchain: Legal Issues and Regulation

2.5 Hours / CPD Units
€ 200
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Mark Toohey
Lecturer - Digital Currency

Blockchain technology is hailed by many as a ground-breaking innovation that will increase efficiencies in the global economy. However, one of the biggest hurdles facing Blockchain and digital currency right now is how it fits into the current regulatory system. This course provides an introduction to the most common themes in regulation in the Blockchain industry, the legal implications and the approach that the most prominent countries have taken to regulate the industry.

Learning Objectives

The objectives for this course are:

  • Understand core legal concepts and how they vary internationally;
  • Understand how these core concepts may affect Blockchain companies;
  • Learn how different jurisdictions are responding with regulation of the industry.

Participants Profile

This course is designed for anyone new and interested in the world of Bitcoin and Blockchain. No prior legal knowledge is required, however we recommend that the participant has a reasonable understanding of how blockchain technology works and some of its key applications. Most students attend this webinar after completion of the ‘Introduction to Bitcoin and Blockchain’ webinar.

Delivery Method

This seminar is delivered online as a pre-recorded webinar.

During the webinar you will be guided through the theory and you will regularly interact with the video by answering multiple-choice questions. On completion of the webinar you will attempt a short multiple-choice exam to test your knowledge. You may then request a certificate to verify your CPD/CPE credits.


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