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Revised capital requirements for Counterparty credit risk (CRR II)

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According to the “Directive of the Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission regarding the certifications of persons and the certification register” (RAD 22/2017), it is compulsory that certified persons need to undergo annual training to satisfy the criterion of Continuing Professional Development in order to maintain their certification. This seminar aims primarily to satisfy the CPD requirement of CySEC by offering an update to the current developments of the Counterparty credit risk capital requirements in accordance with the Capital Requirements Regulation and its updates.


The objective of the seminar is to provide participants with an outline of the CIF’s requirements for capital requirements particularly for counterparty credit risk (called – CCR) in accordance with the Capital requirements regulation (called – CRR) and its upcoming changes (called – CRR II). The seminar gives a detailed overview of owns funds requirements for Counterparty credit risk (CCR). Giving emphasis on the revised Standardised approach (CCR-SA) which is presented in CRR II, the seminar includes several examples of capital requirements calculation in accordance with the revised CCR-SA. The overview of such methods as a Simplified standardised approach (CCR-SSA) and revised Original exposure methods (CCR-OEM) in accordance with the CRR II are also presented in the seminar. In addition to CCR own funds requirements, the 2nd section of the seminar includes the overview of revised reporting and disclosure requirements

Participant’s Profile:

This seminar is addressed to the Risk Officers, specialists responsible for capital requirements calculation, Internal and External Auditors as well as the Members of the Board of Investment Firms. ­


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Section 1 

  • Counterparty credit risk (CCR) – Overview
  • Revised Standardised approach (CCR_SA) in CRR II with examples

Section 2 

  • Revised CCR-SA for netting sets subject to margin agreements with examples
  • Simplified Standardised approach (CCR-SSA)
  • Original exposure method (CCR_OEM)
  • Reporting and disclosure requirements