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Corporate Governance - On Demand

2 hours
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Theodoros Millidonis
Lecturer - SBL & AAA

Learn about the most recent developments in the field of Corporate Governance, alongside with an analysis of all the main reports that have been released to date, shaping Corporate Governance into what it is today.


This webinar will address the following topics:

  • Basic Principles: A reminder
  • Influences on Corporate Governance
  • Development of Corporate Governance Codes
  • The Cadbury Report
  • The Greenbury Report
  • The Hampel Report
  • The Combined Code
  • The Turnbull Report
  • The Higgs Report
  • The Smith Report
  • The Tyson Report
  • The UK Corporate Governance Code
  • Reasons for Developing Codes
  • Problems with Developing Codes
  • Effect on Audit Committees
  • Effect on External Auditors
  • Corporate Governance and Cultural Values
  • CSR Strategy
  • The Integrated Reporting Framework

Participants’ Profile:  

This webinar is addressed to qualified accountants, professionals employed in internal and external audit, risk management, law and compliance services.


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