Cross Border EU VAT: Rules and Principles | Globaltraining

Cross Border EU VAT: Rules and Principles

Date(s) and Time(s)
02 December 2021 - 09:00 AM
3 December 2021
7 hours
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Live Online


Constantinos Kounnis
Lecturer - ATX (ACCA) and P3 (EU VAT Option - ADIT)

This seminar focuses exclusively on cross border EU VAT.

Participants will learn how to analyse cross border transactions in order to correctly evaluate all necessary aspects in determining the EU VAT treatment.


The seminar sets two main objectives:

  1. To present the relevant rules and principles methodically with sufficient clarity without losing sight of the complexities involved in cross border transactions, and
  2. To help participants develop a good level of competence in solving cross border EU VAT issues by applying the correct rules and principles.
Participants’ Profile:

This course is suitable for anyone with interest in cross border EU VAT issues or anyone dealing with cross-border EU VAT on a regular basis. Both beginners and more advanced VAT users will benefit from the course, which is appropriate for accounting staff, financial controllers, and other professionals handling VAT issues internally or managing the VAT affairs of clients.