Cyprus Business Taxation: Overview and Updates (HRDA) | Globaltraining

Cyprus Business Taxation: Overview and Updates (HRDA)

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15 December 2020 - 09:00 AM
17 December 2020
14 hours
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The tax environment is continually evolving, and for those responsible for managing the tax liabilities of their organisation or for giving tax advice to clients, keeping abreast of such changes is paramount. New tax rules invariably penalise the unwary, but at the same time present rewards and opportunities to the informed. The aim of this seminar is to familiarize participants with the latest taxation updates.


The main objective of the seminar is to provide a clear understanding of the business tax system in Cyprus and thus help the participants develop their tax planning abilities. Furthermore, the seminar will cover all resent updates as regards to taxation. A number of examples and real case studies will be covered during the seminar in order to assist participants apply knowledge and identify the impact of the taxes on financial decisions that need to be taken.

Participants’ Profile:

This seminar is addressed to financial controllers, accountants, tax consultants and auditors. It will be of particular interest to newly qualified accountants, whose qualifications are based on the UK tax system and who need to familiarize themselves with local taxation issues.