Reporting and Compliance Obligations for DAC 6 (HRDA) (FULLY BOOKED) | Globaltraining

Reporting and Compliance Obligations for DAC 6 (HRDA) (FULLY BOOKED)

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22 November 2021 - 09:00 AM
26 November 2021
7 hours
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The EU Directive on Mandatory Automatic Exchange of Information “DAC 6” introduces an additional level of transparency in order to detect potentially aggressive tax arrangements and which already captures a broad spectrum of arrangements implemented on/after 25 June 2018. Professionals classified as intermediaries and/or taxpayers themselves could have an own responsibility to monitor and report several contemplated or implemented transactions.


As access to the global marketplace grows with cross-border transactions, it is vital to expand and enrich your knowledge of the drastically new tax landscape shaped by the OECD/BEPS action plan and the corresponding EU actions. Cross-border transactions will be now seen in the light of new anti-abuse measures and additional transparency requirements. This seminar has been specifically designed to meet the needs of professionals from various backgrounds who wish to develop their competence in the field of international tax, and benefit from the credibility that this expert knowledge will afford them.