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Data Analysis in Financial Audits

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14 December 2018 - 09:00 AM
7 hours
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This seminar will address the increasing need of using data analytics and data analysis in audit engagements. The automation of almost all business cycles of the audit clients, even small family business’ increases the need for using data analysis techniques and tests in our audits. It will offer the opportunity to discover how these techniques can increase efficiency and offer additional comfort to the client and to the auditor.


This seminar will address the increasing need for data analysis tests as part of an audit.
The seminar will help participants better understand what terms like data analytics, data analysis and CAATs mean, the need for retrieval of the “right” data and their validation methods. This seminar will analyze practical applications in the various business cycles, in the journal entries review together with anti-fraud tests. In addition, the course will offer a demonstration of some of the industry standard tools and data visualization tools.
The aim is to increase auditor’s awareness on how data analysis can increase efficiency and effectiveness of the audit process. Practical illustrations and examples will be used throughout this session to demonstrate the power of Data Analysis through its simplicity.

Participants’ Profile:

External auditors, Information Systems’ auditors, internal auditors and consultants.


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