Funds and Trusts (Structure & Risks for Banks, AML, Compliance Officers) | Globaltraining

Funds and Trusts (Structure & Risks for Banks, AML, Compliance Officers)

Date(s) and Time(s)
23 June 2020 - 03:00 PM
25 June 2020
7 hours
HRDA Subsidy
77 77 80 30
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To provide an understanding regarding the funds and trusts legislation and structures as well as the related risks and how to address/mitigate them.


To provide the participants with an understanding of:
(a) purpose and scope of applicable legislation;
(b) the purpose fund and trust structures may serve;
(c) the applicable types, forms and regulatory and licensing requirements relating to funds/trusts incorporation/set-up and ongoing operation;
(d) the risks involved for Banks, AML/Compliance Officers and methods to mitigate it;
(e) how fund/trust documents work and familiarize them with the necessary requirements for their proper review and respective due diligence.

Participants’ Profile:

(1) Bankers;

(2) AML/Compliance Officers;

(3) lawyers;

(4) accountants;

(5) corporate service providers;

(6) members of staff of professional bodies responsible for licensing and monitoring professionals acting as trustees (Bar Association, CySEC, SELK);

(7) tax officers;

(8) members of STEP and/or CIFA.