General Data Protection Regulation Beyond Awareness – A Pragmatic Approach Towards Compliance | Globaltraining

General Data Protection Regulation Beyond Awareness - A Pragmatic Approach Towards Compliance

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29 March 2018 - 09:00 AM
7 hours
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Globaltraining/ University of Nicosia



The trend toward increased privacy and personal data protection obligations are expanding globally. The new General Data Protection Regulation EU2016/679 (EU GDPR) coming into force in May 2018 brings about substantial changes, as well as, increased responsibilities to all involved in processing and transferring personal data.

After the vast GDPR information and media coverage, many organisations are still struggling to understand how the requirements of the new regulation will be applied to their business. The aim of this training seminar is to provide for organisations a pragmatic approach on how GDPR can be integrated into a privacy framework, which will safeguard both the individuals’ rights and the vital interests of the organisation.


The training seminar goes beyond explaining the legal requirements of EU GDPR. It is designed for business leaders requiring a practical application and a methodology to integrate the complex definitions of GDPR into their organisation’s strategies and objectives.  It will provide you with a comprehensive analysis of EU GDPR’s main mechanisms and principles and a roadmap to develop and implement a privacy management framework based on best practices and standards. Through case studies and real practice applications the participants, upon completion of the training, will be expected to:

  • Learn how to build the level of trust with your stakeholders with respect to personal data processing and turn GDPR from a showstopper into a business enabler
  • Discern the basic components of an effective privacy management framework (policies, procedures, assessments and other technical and organisational mechanisms) which enable your organisation to demonstrate compliance and manage privacy in a systematic way.
  • Understand the Risk based approach promoted by the regulation (DPIA) and be in a position to develop an effective response to data risk and especially data breaches
  • Cultivate a privacy culture and accept the notion “the individual is in control of personal data”
  • Appreciate the significance of personal data protection in the “Digital Age” and how your relationships with customers and other stakeholders will transform through GDPR.
Participants’ profile:

This seminar is addressed to Chief Executive Officers, Directors, or business managers who are involved in compliance projects or want to gain understanding and knowledge how the new regulation will impact their organisation. Legal Counsels, Data Protection Officers (DPOs), Information security managers, Chief Technology Officers, Risk and Compliance Officers, Project managers, Marketing, Sales, Human Resources,  Finance and individuals from the broader civil society who are looking to develop further knowledge and be involved in compliance with GDPR assignments.


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Note: Participants can attend both days for the GDPR topics (IT and Operation/legal issues) for the total fee of €380 for two days