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IAS 33 - On Demand

Date(s) and Time(s)
31 January 2017 - 12:00 AM
3 hours
+30 210 6722868
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Eliana Charalambous
Lecturer - SBR

This seminar will set out the requirements of IAS33 and enable you to:

  • Understand the standard in detail and its relevant practical implications.
  • Be updated on recent changes and developments and
  • Apply the relevant requirements in practice.

Course Outline:

More specifically the seminar will address the following topics:
Recognize the importance of comparability in relation to the calculation of earnings per share (EPS) and its importance as a stock market indicator.

Define earnings

Calculate the EPS in the following circumstances:

  • Basic EPS
  • Where there has been a bonus issue of shares/stock split during the year, and
  • Where there has been a rights issues of shares during the year

Explain the relevance to existing shareholders of the diluted EPS, and describe the circumstances that will give rise to a future dilution of the EPS

Compute the diluted EPS in the following circumstances:

  • Where convertible debt or preference shares are in issue
  • Where share options and warrants exist
  • Where contingently issuable shares have been issued

Calculate the diluted EPS

  • Where there are more than one dilutive instruments in issue

Identify anti-dilutive circumstances.

Participants’ Profile:

All professionals seeking to obtain in depth understanding of the accounting standards whether working in the profession or the industry.


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