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IAS 36 & IAS 40 - On Demand Copy

Date(s) and Time(s)
28 February 2017 - 12:00 AM
3 hours
+357 22841795/715
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Eliana Charalambous
Lecturer - SBR


This seminar will set out the requirements of IAS 36 & IAS 40 and enable you to

  • Understand the standard in detail and their relevant practical implications
  • Be updated on recent changes and developments and
  • Apply the relevant requirements in practice.

Course Outline:

More specifically the seminar will address the following topics:

 IAS 36

  • Define and calculate the recoverable amount of an asset and any associated impairment losses.
  •  Identify, circumstances which indicate that the impairment of an asset may have occurred.
  •  Describe what is meant by a cash-generating unit.
  •  State the basis on which impairment losses should be allocated, and allocate a given impairment loss to the assets of a cash generating unit.
  •  Identify circumstances where a previous impairment loss may be reversed.

 IAS 40

  • Definition of Investment Property
  •  Operating lease alternative
  •  Special cases: Combined use, Intra group transactions
  • Recognition of investments property, initial and subsequent measurement
  • Transfers to/from investment property
  • De-recognition of investment property
  • Disclosures

Participants’ Profile:

All professionals seeking to obtain in depth understanding of the accounting standards whether working in the profession or the industry.


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