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Internal Audit Report Writing Skills and Techniques

Date(s) and Time(s)
13 November 2018 - 09:00 AM
7 hours
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+357 25383682
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Ajax Hotel


The purpose of the seminar is to get the participants to learn/improve/refresh the various techniques that are needed for the writing of an effective internal audit report and a WIP/Progress report.


Enrichment of knowledge: The scope for the seminar is to assist the participants to be able to understand and construct an effective internal audit report and a WIP progress report where their message will be read and understood by all the recipients of their reports. This will be achieved by understanding what information should be and which information should not be included in the reports. Updating of skills: During the seminar, full explanations with simple and practical examples will be presented and a full hand on report writing case study will be performed after the theoretical part of the seminar. This will allow the participants to be in a position to use the theory to write up in the report template given in the new format.

The following sections will be fully discussed and explained during the process of the seminar:

  • The purpose of the report and its communication
  • The message of the report
  • The necessary sections of the report
  • The structure of the report
  • The scope and objectives of the WIP / Progress report
  • Hands on practice on writing reports using laptops.

Improvement of attitude: with the conclusion for the seminar the delegates will be able to understand clearly their stakeholders’ expectations (recipients of their reports) and be able to respond back to them with an effective report with a clearly understood message satisfying thus their expectations.

Participants’ Profile:

The seminar is addresses to all the employees of the internal audit department that require a different perspective of writing up a more effective and communicative internal audit report.


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