International Standards in Auditing & their Application in the New Digital Era | Globaltraining

International Standards in Auditing & their Application in the New Digital Era

Date(s) and Time(s)
05 November 2021 - 12:00 AM
3 hours
Email Address
Invictus Globaltraining, Limassol



The increasing complexity and digitalization of organizations has resulted a greater focus on testing of IT controls and digital/IT audit in general.
The seminar has been designed to explain to the participants the necessity of a digital/IT audit, the various types of digital audits, the challenges from digitalization and to assist with practical application from different industries when conducting the audit of financial statements.


On completion of this seminar, participants should be able to:
• Understand challenges from digitalization and the importance of digital/IT audit
• Understand the requirements of ISAs in relation to electronics data and highly automated processes and transactions
• Understand the various types of digital/IT audits and the benefits from such audit
• Understand the audit process in relation to highly automated entities:
• Assessment of IT specialist experience and qualification
• Understand How IT Affects the Flow of Transactions and Identify Relevant Technology Elements
• Identify and Assess Risks Arising from IT
• Understand the various IT testing procedures
• Understand how to monitor and review the results from IT testing
• Understand the challenges from interaction with IT specialist
• Understand what data analytics are and how they can be used in audit process
• Understand how digital/IT audit can be used in certain industries