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International Standards on Auditing: Updates & Practical implications

Date(s) and Time(s)
16 June 2017 - 09:00 AM
21 June 2017
14 hours
€450 (after HRDA subsidy €212)
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University of Nicosia


Georgia Cottis

This 2-day seminar will provide invaluable instructions to accountants and auditors, staff of accountancy and audit firms, in the Audit Procedure. This opportunity to expand and improve their knowledge of the International Standards on Auditing represents excellent value for money and is an opportunity not to be missed!

This seminar will address the International Standards on Auditing in detail, including the auditors’ conduct and responsibilities, the benefits of planning, systems and controls, evidence collection and analysis, and reporting standards. Key Professional and Ethical Issues will also be addressed.
The seminar will help delegates better understand the requirements and application of the International Standards on Auditing for small and medium sized clients in an efficient and effective manner. This seminar will analyze the practical implications of International Standards on Auditing and also illustrate the latest updates and developments in the profession.
The aim is to assist auditors in efficiently and proportionately implementing the ISA requirements without incurring unnecessary additional costs. Practical illustrations and examples will be used throughout this session to illustrate the impact of changes onto auditor’s work and required documentation.

Participants’ Profile:  

Accountants and auditors.


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