PSD 2 – The implementation, Fintech and Blockchain | Globaltraining

PSD 2 - The implementation, Fintech and Blockchain

Date(s) and Time(s)
24 May 2019 - 09:00 AM
7,5 hours
€250, CIFS Members €210
77 77 80 30
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Globaltraining/ University of Nicosia


  • To focus on PSD.2 implementation challenges related to the business model choices.
  • To outline the Fintechs’ approach to the market, their competitive advantage and their positioning.
  • To put the Blockchain feautures and developments in the context of payment and other financial services.
  • To outline the options opened at implementation level by the different technical solutions
  • To focus on critical issues at technical, IT and operational levels and on cross-functional dependencies.
  • To give an overview of the Fintech industry and how is the Fintechs approach to payment services.
  • To update on Blockchain operational and regulatory developments in a perspective of financial and payment services.
  • To put all the technical solutions available in a future perspective, so to allow to bridge the gap between the present legacy systems and more flexible solutions based on distributed networks
Participants’ Profile:

The issues will be addressed to provide a working knowledge and contributions to business, legal, operations, compliance, payments and IT officers of Regulators, Credit Institutions, Payment Institutions and Payment Service Providers that will attend the seminar; each subject will be addressed by providing detailed information that will then be debated according to the interests raised in the Q&A sessions after each matter.