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Security Risks in Bitcoin

3 Hours / CPD Units
€ 300
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Dr. Ghassan Karame
Lecturer - Digital Currency

This course will discuss the various factors which affect security risk in Bitcoin, the threat levels each may provide and mitigation strategies that are available. The course considers security threats from the point of view of Bitcoin miners, merchants, users and wallets.

Learning Objectives
The objectives for this course are:

  • Reason about the security and privacy definitions of open payment systems such as Bitcoin;
  • Understand the security of Bitcoin in light of the state of the art reported attacks;
  • Reason about possible network security and cryptographic countermeasures to deter attacks on existing implementations of Bitcoin;
  • Explain best security/privacy practices to strengthen the security of Bitcoin, and extract relevant lessons for the design of secure future digital currencies.

Participants Profile
Participants are recommended to have some knowledge of Blockchain or have attended the ‘Introduction to Bitcoin and Blockchain‘ webinar.

Delivery Method
This is an online self-study course. Students will be provided access to pre-recorded HD videos and related materials. Furthermore your knowledge will be tested with a optional short, multiple-choice exam at the end.


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