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Setting Up and Managing an Internal Audit Department

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20 October 2016 - 09:00 AM
21 October 2016
14 hours
+357 77 77 80 30
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University of Nicosia


This 2-day seminar will provide invaluable instructions to internal auditors or people interested in becoming internal auditors in setting up their own internal audit department (IAD) in accordance to the Institute of Internal Auditors’ regulations and standards.

The objective of this seminar is to assist the participants understand the needs and practices that are required for the appropriate organisation and running of an internal audit department based on the internal standards and best practices.
During the course of the seminar, detailed descriptions and explanations will be provided through practical examples, so that the participants will be in a position to organise their departments efficiently and effectively based on best practices. All the necessary documents that an IAD should have, will be discussed fully, e.g. the charter, the code of ethics, their procedures manual etc. All stages (internal audit methodology from A-Z) of performing an internal audit assignment will be fully explained and all the necessary templates will be provided to the participants both in electronic and paper form.
Upon completion of this 2-day seminar, participants will be able to create an efficient IAD as well as receive information as regards to the methodology so as to satisfy the criteria of a possible quality review from an IIA quality reviewer.

Participants’ Profile:  

This seminar is directed towards existing internal auditors, juniors to managers, both in the public and private sectors in all industries, and also to individuals that want to become internal auditors or who want to start up an internal audit department for the first time.


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