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Audit Planning – Identifying Risk and Common Pitfalls

Aim: This one-day seminar is to provide invaluable insights in the Audit Process, in particular the most critical element of its most critical phase, to accountants and auditors, employed in accountancy and audit firms. It is a most valuable opportunity to let a most experienced hands-on expert to substantially enhance their knowledge on conducting a [...]

Anti-Money Laundering (AML) for Regulated Firms – A Practical Implementation (Suitable for CySEC, ICPAC, CBA)

Aim / Objective: Cost of non-compliance will always outweigh the cost of compliance and for your Firm, not fully complying to the current AML Legislation, is not any longer an option. Your Firm has been definitely targeted in the past and your Firm will be definitely targeted in the future, by Criminals and Money Launderers, [...]

CIFs Regulatory Compliance Crash Course – compliance calendar, monitoring plan, client complaints, drafting of the annual report

Aim: Day-to-day life within the compliance function of a CIF, or a CIF in general, can get easier when both the compliance officer and senior management have a clear understanding on what needs to be done, when and how. The aim of the seminar is to provide an easy to follow ‘instructions manual’ on how [...]