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Everyone seems to be talking about the benefits and disruptive potential of blockchains, the trust-building technology behind Bitcoin. Digital currencies, smart contract platforms (like Ethereum) and digital payment clearing systems (like Ripple) are only a few examples of how blockchains affect organizations and are redefining whole industries worldwide.

Yet, few people are today properly equipped to understand, work with and manage large blockchain-related projects in government, banking, accounting, consulting and IT. As more and more industries are debating how blockchains might disrupt their future operations and create new opportunities for growth, the need for systematic and in-depth training on the technologies and applications of blockchains becomes a paramount necessity for professionals.

The Blockchain Training Series brings together some of the world’s foremost academic and business experts to build the largest portfolio of Continuous Professional Development courses on blockchains to date. The course series is organized by the University of Nicosia – the world’s first university to launch a Masters Degree in Digital Currency, in 2013 – and Globaltraining, the professional education arm of the university and a leading professional training organisation globally.

Teaching Methods

Our high-definition videos engage the learner through interactive quizzes, dynamic instructors and visual presentation.

As pre-recordings, our videos give the learner full flexibility as to when and where to attend the course, and the courses can be watched on multiple devices including most mobiles and tablets.

At the end of each course, the learner will be required to sit a short, multiple-choice exam to help them reflect on the knowledge gained and identify any areas of weaknesses so that they can review the content in the video again.

To further engage the learner an active discussion forum will be accessible as well as direct asynchronous contact with the instructor for specific questions.

On completion of the video and final exam, the learner will be issued with a Certicate of Completion which can be used as part of their continuing professional development credits.
Note: All courses are accepted by the ACCA and ICAEW for CPD credits, and from early 2017 Globaltraining is expecting all courses to be approved by the National Association of State Boards of Accountancy (NASBA) for CPE credits.

Webinars Offered

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